Best Wedding Photos from 2020

Favorite Photos from 2020

2020 started out like any other year for us, with a trip planned before wedding season kicked off and being excited for the busy times ahead. As we all know, this radically changed. We started the year with 35 weddings in our books, and by the end of the year we only shot 7, the first of which was in July.

What did we do the first half of our year with no weddings you ask? We’re grateful we were able to weather the storm from home and have some projects to keep us occupied along with our pup Myles. We learned how to build things, and became proficient in moving dirt from our driveway into our backyard! We built a raised garden with several beds, a butterfly garden, as well as a floating Deck. Luckily we were able to enjoy these new amenities while stuck at home. Like most, we also worked on our culinary and cocktail making skills, we even learned how to brew ginger beer from scratch. Although Nicole did not like the ginger beer that much, I thought it was delicious!

The second half of the year we were fairly busy with weddings, engagements, family, and maternity shoots. Most of our weddings had smaller guest counts and less dancing, but what they lacked in those areas they made up for with an abundance of love and emotion. Some of our couples decided to keep their original date for a micro wedding this year, then have a larger celebration at another date in 2021, while some decided to have smaller full day weddings on their original date this year. Honestly, both options were great and we could not be happier for our amazing couples.

We know most faced struggle and hardships in 2020, and our heart goes out to all. We’re grateful to have each other, and our wonderful clients we have already worked with, and have yet to work with the year ahead. We may not have shot as much as we had hoped for in 2020, but we are beyond proud of what we accomplished with all our couples this year! Here’s a few of our favorites from the year, we hope you enjoy looking through these. We also, can not wait for 2021’s wedding season to begin!!! Be well and stay healthy 🙂

-Matt & Nicole

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