Liberty House Wedding

Megan and Dan’s Wedding at The Liberty House

Imagine 10 days before your wedding when you are going to your venue to make the final walkthrough, then find out that there will be a Celebration for Smokey the Bear’s 75th Birthday happening right on the lawn where you planned to take your photos! Megan and Dan planned to get married at the Liberty House as well as to take their photos at Liberty State Park which is right on the same property. After receiving the phone call from our couple and looking into it, Matt was sure that even if there were thousands of people at the park, and with his experience being a Wedding Photographer for years, this would not be a problem. Matt likes the challenge of taking a busy area and making it look like it’s just there for our couple. Sure enough, it was not a problem and we were still able to capture amazing photos for Megan and Dan, and we even had a guest appearance with Smokey himself. After avoiding this close call on the day of, we all had a sigh of relief and knew that the rest of the day was going to be smooth sailing.

The portraits came out amazing, the ceremony was beautiful, and then on to the party! Little did we know that Megan had some tricks up her sleeve for the reception; she actually grew up with her family being Irish Dancers, and they put on quite the performance for a song during the reception! Everyone was amazed at how effortlessly they moved on the dance floor, especially after not practicing in years. Megan can get some serious air! Dan’s face had nothing short of pure joy while watching Megan out there doing something she loves. Right after this the dance floor filled, and we were shocked to see our first ever 3 man pyramid, with a groomsman at the bottom and 2 guys stacked on his shoulders. We were all over this moment with our cameras, and then quickly felt a slight cringe knowing the groomsman at the bottom might be in a lot of pain the following day. When we met with Megan and Dan for their Reveal Party after the wedding, they told us he was a little sore the next day, but was totally fine. Being a New Jersey Wedding Photographer means there is always something new and exciting awaiting at our next wedding! We could not be happier for Megan and Dan, and even happier that they chose us to document their amazing day at the Liberty House in Jersey City.

Vendor info:

Venue – Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City

Florist – karma flowers @karmaflowers

DJ- Timothy Hughes @shughesentertainment

Make up/Hair – Amy Klewitz Beauty @amyklewitzbeauty

Dress Maker – Louvienne via Lovely Bride

Suit/Tux maker – Hugo Boss

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